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Are you one of the many people who like trying out something new with their hair? Are you interested in changing your hair color to another one? Do you want your hair to be blond, pink, blue, green, white or you want to go for a mix of two or more colors? We have some brilliant stuff for you.

Hair coloring also known as hair dyeing is the process of changing the hair color. There are various reasons that inspire people to change their hair colors. Some people change their hair color to cover the gray or white hair, while some change their hair color to appear fashionable or restore the original color of their hair after it has been discolored by previous hairdressing practices.

There are various ways of changing the hair color. Highlighting involves treating the hair with lighteners. Low lighting involves treating the hair with darker colors. A new technique of hair coloring, ombré, involves making the hair dark at the crown and giving it lighter hue towards the ends.

Hair color or dye can either be applied directly on the hair (dipping) or it can be applied by using pieces of foil to separate the hair to be colored especially when the colors are more than one (foiling). For hair lightening, the hair might have to be bleached before hair color or dye can be applied. There are some people who opt for an overall hair color change, that is, if they are initially blonde, they might decide to change their hair color to black or pink.

Hair coloring can either be permanent or temporary. For a permanent hair color change, the dye that will be used will be very high in ammonia which will be mixed a strong oxidizing agent in order to change the hair color permanently. Whereas, temporary hair color comes in different forms such as rinses, sprays, and foams. Temporary hair colors can be removed easily by shampooing.

Hair colors can be maintained by using shampoos and conditioners that have color-protecting properties, by avoiding the use of chlorine on the hair, and by using a shampoo that has zero sulfates properties.

Hair Styles

Your hairstyle says a lot about you and when you see other people, there is a very high likelihood that you will notice their hair. Getting a bad hairstyle can affect your appearance and might leave you feeling unhappy. There are various hairstyles for different occasions; formal gatherings, dates, cocktail parties, office jobs or casual outings.

There are various hairstyles that will give you an elegant, a casual or an overall different look. Styles can be created by simple cuts for both men and women and if the client is willing to go for a different look, the hair color can be changed.

In recent times, people have adopted hair extensions. Some people’s hairs are generally short and in a bid to have longer hair, they opt for hair extensions. Hair extensions are used to add to the length and volume of one’s hair. They are also used in order to get a new look or add colors to one’s hair without using chemical colors.

For hairstyles’ inspiration, you can browse through a fashion magazine or save pictures of your favorite hairstyles on your phone and show your hair stylist, who will work wonders and give you the look of your dreams. Some hairstyles may come and go but some endure the test of time and can be rocked anytime any day.

Your Best Option

Once you have decided on the hairstyle you want, your next step is to find a hairstylist who will make your dream hairstyle come true. Are you in Beverly Hills, FL, Citrus Hills, Pine Ridge, Lecanto or Inverness? You can get an affordable and a professional hair coloring and hairstyle at Infinity Salon & Spa Hair Salon located in beautiful Beverly Hills, FL 34465 Citrus County. Book with us today and enjoy our great family, friendly environment.

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